Australian golfers and PGA Tour pledge support to bushfire relief

Marc Leishman and Cameron Smith have started a campaign to raise money for the Australian bushfires relief effort.

With the support of other Australian tour players and the PGA Tour, Marc Leishman and Cameron Smith have vowed to kick in money for each birdie or eagle they make this week at the Sony Open in Hawaii, with the PGA Tour matching up to $125,000.

Ben Everill at the PGA Tour reported the campaign that has just been kicked off.

Leishman has vowed to donate $500 a birdie and $1,000 an eagle this week. Supporters of his have added to this taking it up over $800 a birdie and $2,000 an eagle. Leishman’s Begin Again Foundation has also vowed to match general donations up to $5,000.

“I am calling on my fellow TOUR pros to join the cause and create enough support so we can maximize the donations from the Presidents Cup and TOUR itself as well,” Leishman said.

“This is a global crisis and a cause close to my heart.”

Smith was quick to jump on board, rallying to his nations cause. He will also pledge $500 a birdie and $1,000 an eagle this week. His uncle from Tumbarumba, a town not far from the nation’s capital in Canberra, lost his house, tractors, horses and most of his farm. Smith had him flee to his Florida home.

“People all over Australia are doing it tough at the moment and if we can help in some small way hopefully that keeps some of the morale a little higher,” Smith said.

Brian Wacker at Golf Digest also reported on the campaign adding the bushfire tragedy has personally effected Cameron Smith.

Among them was Cameron Smith’s uncle, who fled Tumbarumba, a small town about 300 miles southeast of Sydney, to Smith’s home in Florida a few days ago after losing his house, tractors, horses, “just everything, really,” according to Smith.

“It’s pretty bad,” Smith said. “He’s OK, and that’s the main thing, but it’s still a big loss. It’s just bad.”

Smith and Leishman aren’t the only Australian golfers vowing to help out as they can.

Lucas Herbert and Sarah Kemp are among others who will all be donating money across the next few months of golf.

And plenty of international golfers are pledging their support including Mel Reid, Charlotte Thomas, Jess and Nelly Korda.

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