Astonishing finish to UBS Hong Kong Open

If you missed the ending of the Hong Kong Open on Sunday, you missed something amazing. It was shot after shot of incredible golf and thanks to Sean over at the Ottawa Golf Blog you can see a small portion of the ending via his videos on YouTube.

To set the scene Italy’s Francesco Molinari and Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy were joined in the three-man playoff by Wen-tang Lin of Taiwan (or if you’re reading from China, Chinese Taipei). McIlroy has smoked his down the middle, Lin almost puts his drive out of bounds, deep in the trees and Molinari is now sitting 15 feet away after his second. Then this:

Amazing stuff. So what happens next?
Molinari misses. Lin and McIlroy birdie to go to a second playoff hole. Lin nails a straight drive this time and McIlroy finds the trees.
Cue the video….

“This is my first European Tour win and my feelings cannot be described,” Lin said. “I’m very excited to be Chinese and win the tournament. I’ve proved that Chinese can do it.”

It was an brilliant show of golf by all and despite not being able to describe his feelings upon finally winning, Lin managed to be politically correct for a resident of Taiwan Chinese Taipei.

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