Anna Rawson: modeling a golf career

Anna RawsonWell I suppose it’s about time we mentioned Anna Rawson’s website here. Aussie Golfer has been reluctant to mention the Australian too much before she’s had some success on tour. With looks such as hers you just hope she can play as well. She had her best finish on the LPGA tour a few weeks back finishing in a tie for 10th after leading at one point.

Originally from Adelaide she won many Australian junior tournaments with no coaching before getting a scholarship at USC for golf. There’s no doubt she can play and by all accounts a great person. Let’s hope future results are as good as the photos on her website!

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2 thoughts on “Anna Rawson: modeling a golf career

  • September 29, 2008 at 08:26

    Yeah absolutely, point taken. I mentioned Katherine Hull after her great win back in August but should mention Sarah Jane Kenyon. Especially after her performances of late.

    In fact the results from these two girls on the weekend (T6 and T11) highlights the fact they’ve got a big future ahead.

    I’ll be sure to write more on them.


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