Andrew Daddo melts lead to “fix” his flippy, homemade putter

Andrew Daddo is a golf tinkerer, nutter, obsessive and has now “fixed” his putter.

I had the pleasure of playing golf with Andrew Daddo a few years back and I can confirm this guy as an absolute golf nutter. Daddo is as enthusiastic about golf as anyone I’ve played with and will be as enthralled about your golf game as he is with his own.

Daddo is also a supreme golf tinkerer; making and tinkering with his own golf clubs like some nutty golf professor.

So it’s no surprise to spot his latest experiment pop up on Instagram that recalls something my father did many years ago with an old persimmon driver.

Here, Daddo “fixes” a weight issue with his homemade putter by melting down a lead fishing weight and pouring it into the back.

Daddo’s Golf podcast is worth a listen too. The focus is far away from the pro tours and very much on the everyday golfer. some great yarns. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music.

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