Amazing composite photo captures golfers’ putts at TOUR Championship

PGA Tour photographer overlays photos to capture all golfers’ putts on 15th hole at TOUR Championship.

During the opening round of the TOUR Championship at East Lake Golf Club, PGA Tour photographer Keyur Khamar pushed some creative boundaries.

Ingeniously using overlays through some very skilled photoshopping, Khamar captured the exact position of each golfer’s initial putt on the 15th hole.

(Photo source: Keyur Khamar – Twitter)

The result is a singular image embodying every player’s stroke, reminiscent of a practice putting green.

Khamar’s unconventional approach was shared on his social media platform, accompanied by scores from all 30 golfers present for the championship’s first round.

“Fixed my lens on the 15th green on Thursday to try something different,” wrote Khamar. “Six birdies, 12 pars, 11 bogeys and one triple in one stacked photo.”


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