Adam Spencer asked Abraham Ancer how he went in last year’s Australian Open

Things got a little awkward to Adam Spencer when he asked the defending champion how he fared in last year’s Australian Open.

Adam Spencer, mathematician, author, TV and radio presenter and supposed sports geek shared a classic story down his twitter feed of a chance meeting with last year’s Australian Open winner Abraham Ancer.

The problem was that Spencer has no idea who he was.

Spencer’s recount on Twitter of the awkward meeting in the lift is hilarious. Recognising that Ancer of at least being a professional golfer, he asked the Mexican how he went in last year’s Australian Open.

Bumped into a golfer in the lift at my hotel. Clearly off to practice day at The Australian Open. “First time in Australia”, “No I was here for the Open last year”, “How did that go for you”, “Oh … I won it”. Awkward silence for the remaining 26 floors.

We love that Spencer owned this mistake and then somehow convinced Ancer to jump in a photo.

But perhaps we need to make sure he has a few tickets to this year’s Australian Open to ensure he can recognise this year’s winner?

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