Adam Scott mic’d up on the golf course: video

Adam Scott was mic’d up during his first round at last week’s PGA Grand Slam of Golf.

Scott won the event with a blistering second round but here is a video montage of his first round that makes for fascinating viewing.

I wish it went longer and we could hear a little more of some of the exchanges between Scott and caddie Steve Williams. We really should be seeing, and hearing more of it.

One thought on “Adam Scott mic’d up on the golf course: video

  • This is great stuff and in this day and age, broadcasters should somehow incorporate this into part of the coverage.

    Why in hell can every other sport somehow do it, referees/umpires, in car with motor racing, jockeys have helmet cam in horse racing, stumps for cricket, why can’t at least golfers have their bags mic’d up for when talking with their caddies pre-shot, pre-hole etc?

    Would add a fantastic dimension to the telecast.

    If you want people to gravitate to watching golf, add this and give them an ‘intimate/first hand’ reason.


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