“Adam Scott just won the lockdown’s act of kindness award”

Adam Scott has been hanging out with his family up in Queensland during the coronavirus pandemic. As well as keeping his game sharp by breaking the course records, Scott has been his usual generous self by lending his time to help out a golfer suffering from cancer. 

Roy Masters reported in the Sydney Morning Herald that Adam Scott made a phone call to a golfer suffering from multiple brain tumours during the week.

Ross Campbell is wheelchair-bound and confusion from brain cancer has left him thinking for some time that Adam Scott is his best mate. And so Scotty obliged with a phone call.

Adam readily agreed to phone Ross and, although initially surprised by Ross’s immediate familiarity, quickly settled in for a chat.

“You didn’t need me for the game yesterday?” asked Ross, a question which Adam gently deflected.

Pam says: “I’m standing in the background crying and happy as they chatted away. They talked golf and Ross mentioned that he gets very wobbly in the legs when he goes out to play.

“He’s in a wheelchair and can hardly stand up but Adam must have sensed this and said he gets wobbly in his legs, too.”

Adam Scott is and always has been one of the most generous, affable blokes in golf. This just adds to the many stories that confirm it.

I’m not sure what Roy Masters is on about with these comments though…

Scott’s win in February at the Genesis Invitational at the Riviera Club, Pacific Palisades was his first victory on the PGA Tour in nearly four years.
Yet it would seem that as he grows more desperate on the inside, he has become more generous on the outside.

One thought on ““Adam Scott just won the lockdown’s act of kindness award”

  • Always thought Adam Scott was a great guy. He proved it here! He is a fabulous golfer and cannot wait for the PGA to get back to what it was and we can enjoy the tournaments on TV!!


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