Adam Scott bounces back to win Australian Open

Late on Saturday afternoon the Australian golfing public who had gathered at News South Wales Golf Club’s signature sixth hole to watch The Australian Open were shaken and stirred from their relaxed positions.

A snake wound its way through the gallery, perhaps fooled into thinking a few slippery three-footers were potential mates and the resulting commotion was hilarious and dangerous to watch.

Twenty four hours later, the Australian golfing public were once again shaken and stirred from their sleepy positions as Adam Scott won the Australian Open by five shots. Some could be forgiven for forgetting about Scott after a terrible year on the PGA Tour and others (including myself) had begun to lose faith.

“It is fair enough. It was a pretty disastrous year really, but I thought I was fairly honest with my assessment of things at times throughout the year and I told people I was working hard, and I have worked bloody hard and I have put my head down and tried to play the best I can on my home soil.”

It is hard to remember a more popular and happier winner. He gazed at the names on the trophy and wouldn’t let it out of his sight. Greg Norman, the man praised with rejuvenating his career after his selection in the President’s Cup presented the trophy to Scott which was a nice touch and ending to the event.

I’m still a little miffed that we played so many guys into form at the President’s Cup rather than going into it with form. It would be nice to win it again one day. However, you can’t fault Adam Scott’s form. He now looks to the Australian PGA Championship this week, the last in an important five weeks for him.

“These were important events for me, Singapore, Melbourne, Dubai, here, and next week and I could see it coming obviously, but you have got to keep pushing and what a week for it all to come together.”

In a week when pseudo-golf news and mobile phone calls were dominating golf worldwide it was a refreshing victory and will no doubt have women turning their heads again across the country. But don’t expect him ringing asking to change your voicemail message. His response after being asked if he had heard from his girlfriend Ana

“Any text messages?”
“No, I haven’t got a phone. That’s a good thing no phone.”

For all he’s been through this year, it is great to have this guy back winning. It is great for golf.

First image courtesy of Getty Images: Cameron Spencer.

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