33 Marathons and a round of golf

Ultra marathon runner Andy Bowen, is attempting to run across the Nullarbor Plain. And play a round of golf while he does it.
The Nullarbor Plain is a long, hot barren part of Australia and surely qualifies in Australia’s Top 5 most boring drives. Ultra marathon runner Andy Bowen plans to run across the Nullarbor Plain in August to raise money for Autism Spectrum Australia and The Splash of Red Foundation, which raises money for SIDS awareness and research.

The Nullarbor Plain now has its very own golf course, the Nullarbor Golf Links. Billed as the world’s longest golf course, it is 1400 kilometres from start to finish, around 33 marathons in length. Eighteen holes are positioned at different spots along the road and make up the Nullarbor Golf Links. The first hole is at Ceduna in South Australia and the last is in Kalgoorlie in Western Australia with some holes separated by over 100 kms.

Andy plans to play the golf course during his 16-day run across the Nullarbor Plain. He is beginning his run in Kalgoorlie however and so will play the course backwards.
He plans to raise $50,000 in doing so. For more details on Andy’s run and was to donate please visit the 33 Marathons Challenge website. It is hard enough to drive across the Naullarbor Plain let alone run across it. Please donate to this great cause.

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