2014 Masters on Seven and FoxSports: Australian TV Times

The 2014 US Masters will be broadcast on both 7Mate and FoxSports this week.

In a sign of its importance to Australian sport, The Masters will be broadcast on both free-to-air and paid television by Network Seven and FoxSports respectively. FoxSports have some enhanced features and longer broadcasting hours then Seven but both are showing daily highlights and the live coverage that counts.

Both 7Mate and FoxSports3 have live coverage of the Par-3 contest at 7am on Thursday morning (Australian EST) before live coverage of the event itself begins at 5am on Friday morning.

FoxSports have added some interactive features to their coverage this year – probably something the free-to-air networks can’t do.

By hitting the red button on the Foxtel remote, you can view four extra live streaming channels of the event; coverage of Amen Corner, holes 15 and 16, featured group and an ‘in-depth’ channel – presumably to catch up on the days events quickly.

FoxSports will also be starting their coverage each day with the feed from CBS’ On The Range broadcast.

Live US Masters on Channel 7Mate and FoxSports
Par-3 contest      Thursday, April 10     5 – 7:00am
Round 1       Friday, April 11      5 – 9:30am
Round 2       Saturday, April 12     5 – 9:30am
Round 3       Sunday, April 13     5 – 9:00am
Round 4       Monday, April 14     4 – 9:00am

3 thoughts on “2014 Masters on Seven and FoxSports: Australian TV Times

  • Thank you very much channel 7.

  • Thank god fox have it . Masters in HD ,welcome to the 21 st century Australia , 7 is a disgrace

    • Who even knew it was on 7 or 7 Mate? Had to look it up on the internet due to lack of advertising. Checked through almost all channels and couldn’t find it anywhere. Should have checked 7 Mate but given that horse racing dominates at the moment, who would have thought 7 had time for anything else. Maybe they should just concentrate on what they do well. Take back the rugby and the AFL and just stick to those.


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