1Club Golf: Just one club to lure more people to play golf

The launch of just one club to play the game of golf paves the way for more people to take up the game.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the spotlight on Sandy Jamieson’s fantastic 1Club Golf idea through Golf Australia magazine and The Good Good Golf podcast.

And in case you missed hearing about 1Club through either of those two mediums, we thought we’d turn the spotlight back on.

1Club Golf is the brainchild of teaching professional Sandy Jamieson who has taught such names as Robert Allenby and Jarrod Lyle among others.

Now based at Oakleigh Public golf course in Melbourne, Jamieson has a passion for getting more people into the game of golf and understands some of the things that prohibits people from doing so.

None more so than the overwhelming, expensive nature of golf equipment.

Speaking on The Good Good Golf podcast (listen to the full episode below), Jamieson says golf equipment is one of the biggest limiting factors in getting more people to play golf.

“I found out that many people think golf is hard, expensive, time-consuming,” Jamieson said. “So I created 1Club Golf that makes it easy, fun and affordable.”

“It is golf with one club. The club is approximately a 4-iron loft, 9-iron length with the appropriate lie angle. It’s got a unisex shaft in it and a putter grip on it.”

“The whole idea is I don’t really have to teach anybody anything. Thumbs on top, hands close together and we’re off playing golf.”

Karen Harding’s article in Golf Australia Magazine is a great read on the innovative golf club and expands on how the inexpensive 1Club Golf idea can bring new golfers to the game.

This has multiple benefits to learning. A rank beginner can be out playing on course in around 15 minutes. They are handed a 1Club, given a short and simple set of instructions mostly around safety and moving efficiently around the course, and then out they go to explore the game in their own way. 1Club removes the need for a full set of clubs and at $39.95 to buy or $5 to rent, makes it cheaper for golf to be tried as a family. And it creates imagination.

“1Club golf is the perfect gateway into the game and it’s how many of the best players started. Having a lack of equipment ended up being an advantage as it forced innovation, imagination and strategy,” said Jamieson.

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