Check out this wonderful video on the world’s smallest US Open qualifier

Alaska hosts the smallest US Open qualifier each year – and this video will make you want to play in it.

This is a great short video on a US Open qualifier in Alaska featuring just 13 players including’s Dylan Dethier.

We love this. The producers should be commended give us a great sense of the beauty and expanse of this place in Alaska, as well as shining a light on the characters playing in this event.

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Watch this lightning bolt rip through a tree at Women’s US Open

A lightning bolt was captured on video ripping through a tree at the Women’s US Open.

Scorching hot weather was interrupted by severe thunderstorms during the second round of the Women’s US Open Championship on Friday.

Not long after the horn had sounded to suspend play at the Country Club of Charleston in South Carolina, this lightning bolt discharged itself via a tree not far from the 18th green.

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Crazy science experiment shows how hard can you hit a golf ball: video

Ever wondered how a hard¬† golf ball can be hit before it’s not a golf ball any more?

Destin Sandlin at the always awesome Smarter Every Day YouTube channel has put together a piece of science craziness that is loosely related to golf.

Using a pressurized vacuum air cannon and some incredibly high frame rate cameras they work out how hard you can hit a golf ball before it permanently deforms out of shape. 

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