GOLF TRICK SHOT / Min Woo Lee drives golf ball between the legs of a scared friend

One of Australia’s most exciting young amateur golfers can pull off a mean trick shot, and take home a big trophy.

Min Woo Lee is one of Australia’s best young golf stars and yesterday won the Golf South Australia Amateur Classic by a whopping six-strokes.

As Mark Hayes at Golf Australia reported, Lee went round Royal Adelaide in 14-under par with two incredible final rounds of 67 to smash the field and get his hands on the trophy.

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GOLF TRICK SHOT: Banked shot + club toss

Here is a trick shot that involves a bit of club throwing. But it’s not in quite the same way you may be used to.

Joshua Kelley @holein1trickshots is back with another special golf shot, this time combining a banked shot with a club toss. Like the last amazing club toss trick shot we shared here, you only really grasp what happened when you take a good look at the slow motion replay.

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