When and where was golf first played in Australia?

Evidence suggests that golf may have first been played in Australia on a farm in Sydney in 1839.

Golf history buffs should check out Michael Sheret’s article over at Australian Senior Golfer where he outlines the evidence for golf’s origins in Australia.

Reports indicate that golf was almost certainly played at Ratho Farm in Bothwell in the mid-180s but there are some other sources indicating a few golf balls may have been struck in what is now considered to be Sydney’s inner west.

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A golfer won a tournament using a self-standing putter

The self-standing putter is no longer a gimmick after it was used to win a golf tournament.

Former major league baseballer John Smoltz has turned the self-standing putter from a gimmick into something more golfers may be considering buying.

Smoltz won the celebrity title at the 2020 Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions last weekend using a self-standing putter.

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Australian golf goes to aid of bushfire victims

Australian golf is pitching in to help the victims of the country’s bushfire crisis.

Media release courtesy of Australian Golf Media

The central point for donations has been set up by the Australian Golf Industry Council (AGIC), the collaboration of all the industry bodies. It includes not only a GoFundMe page, but a designated bank account for donations for donors who prefer that method.

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