Jack Nicklaus writes a letter to his younger self

Now here is something every golf fan should read. The Players Tribune got Jack Nicklaus to pen a letter to his 10-year-old self, right about the time when he found the game of golf.

It’s a wonderful insight into the life of a young Jack Nicklaus including a bout with polio (the vaccine was still a few years away), his early introduction to golf and those battles with Arnold Palmer to come.

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Phil Mickelson tried to hit a shot under a fence and it didn’t end well

It’s often hard to know what Phil Mickelson is thinking at the clearest of times but this one completely puzzles us.

Phil Mickelson sprayed a drive left at the par-4 10th hole at Bay Hill during the first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Upon finding his golf ball next to a netted fence separating the course from someone’s backyard, Mickelson thought he could flip a club upside-down and play it right-handed, rather than take an unplayable.

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