Getting the perfect fit at the Callaway Performance Center

Aussie Golfer went along to the Callaway Performance Center to find out exactly what is involved in getting fitted for a new set of golf clubs.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect at the Callaway Performance Centre. I’m a little naïve when it comes to golf equipment and only really swat up on the specs and details when it comes time to get a new driver or a new set of irons.

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Golf GameBook provides live scores for you and your mates

We waited a long time for this app, and it’s proving a beauty.

Several years ago we went looking for an app that could give a live leaderboard for golfers during a round with multiple groups on the course. Sadly, the app didn’t exist.

Here is what we wanted; an app that could input golf scores from each group then display them all, quickly and easily, on a live leaderboard – just like the professional tournaments we see on TV.

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Concourse golf buggy: review

An Australian designer comes up with a very different way of carting about your golf buggy.

Quite a few new golf products cross the desk at Aussie Golfer and we particularly love it when we see a quality Aussie design from quality Aussie people. David MacKay, the creator of the Concourse Golf buggy showed me his unique design and left me thinking, “why hasn’t anyone done that before?” on a number of occasions.

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