French golfer hilarious excuse for dropping F-bomb in live interview

Pardon my French.

Here is European Tour professional Mike Lorenzo-Vera offering a pretty neat excuse for his language during an interview last weekend.

After stepping off the golf course after his third-round 69 at the European Tour’s DP World Tour Championship, Lorenzo-Vera had this to say about his club choice at the 18th hole.

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Tom Doak’s reversible golf course is featured on Adventures in Golf with Erik Anders Lang

The idea of a reversible golf course, one that could be played in one direction or the other, is not new. In fact The Old Course at St Andrews was at one point regularly played in reverse.

The “right-handed” version of The Old Course is the one we’re all familiar with, but a “left-handed” version was played every other week in the late 19th century that began by teeing off to the 17th green and finishing by playing from the 2nd tee to the 18th green.

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Tyrell Hatton interrupted by his fiancée going to the toilet

Tyrell Hatton was about to play a golf shot during the Italian Open when he was interrupted by the noise of a toilet door.

Funny stuff here and the reactions from the commentators capture the moment beautifully.

Amazingly Hatton, who has one of the biggest tempers on tour seems to control himself pretty well even before realising who had rudely interrupted his swing.

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