Golf handicapping and slope: Why has my handicap changed?

Here is why your handicap may change following the latest, and last, round of handicapping changes made to Australian golf.

By now you may have heard that Golf Australia is unveiling a raft of changes to complete the overhaul of the Australian golf handicapping system. You may well head over to GolfLink (from 7pm tonight) to check out your handicap and notice it has changed.

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Golf Australia release course ratings: What is Australia’s toughest golf course?

The Australian golf course ratings have been released by Golf Australia leading to lots of debate about Australia’s toughest courses.

The 1st hole at the Moonah Links Open Course. Image courtesy of Moonah Links Golf Club.

Golf Australia have released the full list of slope and scratch ratings for every Australian golf course, but do they say anything about course difficulty and tell us which is Australia’s toughest golf course?

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Golf Australia announce new 5-stroke anchor for Australian handicapping

Golf Australia apply another small tweak to Australian golf handicapping.

After a crazy few weeks with Adam Scott winning the Masters, we’re slowly coming back to earth here at Aussie Golfer and catching up on a few of the things we missed last week.

We brought you the new Life is Greener golf show earlier today but also announced a last week was the news from Golf Australia that the current Australian handicapping system is to be getting a little tweak with the anchor shifting  from four to five strokes, coming into effect on May 14, 2013.

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Golf Australia outline plans for daily scratch rating, slope and handicapping of social rounds

Many golfers will be happy at the news Golf Australia will implement a daily course rating in a string of new changes to affect Australian golf handicapping.

Golf Australia have released a communication to all golf clubs across Australia that outlines the changes that have been made to the Australian golf handicapping system, and what is planned for the future.

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What is a slope rating?

The slope system is still some time away from being introduced to Australian golf, but let’s take a look at how its calculated and its projected impact.

Golf Australia will soon be rolling out new course ratings for every Australian golf course. Each course will soon have a new course rating for at least three sets of plates, from which they can place the tees for competitions.

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Handicapping formula changes to “best 8 of 20” rounds

Golf Australia has announced a changes to the way your handicap will be calculated, starting in September 2011.

The criticism of the current Australian golf handicapping system has been heard by Golf Australia and they are making changes. As of September 21 this year, the current “Best 10 of 20” rolling method of calculating handicaps will be changed to a “Best 8 of 20” formula.

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Australian golfers fear ‘social rounds’ for handicapping

Golf Australia decided a year ago to overhaul the Australian golf handicapping system in favour of the USGA handicapping system, used in most golfing regions around the world including Europe, New Zealand, Canada and of course the USA.

The system is the most used golf handicapping system in the world and its introduction into Australian golf was seen as progressive but long overdue.

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Non-competition rounds allowed in new handicapping changes

Golf Australia has released details relating to the second package of changes to the Australian mens’ and women’s handicap system that all clubs must have implemented by January 1, 2011.

The changes Over the next few days we will have a closer look at a few of these implementations but regular Aussie Golfer readers will know how happy I am to see #3 in the list (Why are handicap rounds restricted to competitions?

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