Golf club delivery service takes hassle (and fees) out of golf travel

Flying with golf clubs has probably never been more annoying.

Most Australian airlines are now not only charging fees for extra baggage including golf clubs, but adding an extra oversize baggage fee on top of it.

Depending on who you travel with, flying on Australian domestic airlines with golf clubs can easily set you back $70-$80 on top of the regular fare; not to mention the potential for damaged or lost clubs, and the hassle of lugging your clubs to-and-from the airport.

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The road to Augusta via the RTJ Trail in Alabama: Part 1

On the road to The Masters we’re playing a set of some of the finest public courses in the USA.

We’re heading to watch The Masters at Augusta on the weekend and we decided to play some golf along the way. We’d heard a bit about the Robert Trent Jones Trail (RTJ Trail), 26 golf courses built across 11 locations in Alabama – all designed by Robert Trent Jones and all open to the public to play.

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