Sureshotgps GW2 Golf Watch: Combined GPS golf and sports watch

We’re adding our picks of the latest golf gear at Aussie Golfer from time to time – starting with this cool little device from SureShot.

Sureshotgps GW2 Golf Watch – RRP $199

There are a whole variety of GPS devices on the market for the golf course and Sureshot have just released the Sureshotgps GW2 GolfWatch which is a combination sports watch and golf GPS in one.

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TaylorMade release new SLDR driver

TaylorMade launch new SLDR driver with brand new weight changing system.

There is a massive media blitz going on ahead of this mid-year driver launch by Taylormade, and I suppose now we’re part of it.

Traditionally golf companies release all their new equipment at the start of the year to coincide with the beginning of the professional golf tours, but Taylormade are bucking the trend and have released the brand new SLDR – quoted as being “a revolutionary new club featuring a sliding weight system engineered to launch the golf ball high, fast and long.”

“Key to the leap in distance is a lower and more forward center of gravity (CG) that promotes a hotter launch, low spin and faster ball speed.

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The golf swing and club fitting: What is the Angle of Attack?

From time to time Aussie Golfer will be featuring a number of guest posts from Daniel Marsh at Callaway Golf explaining the technical details associated with the golf swing and correct club fitting.

What is it and why is it important to hit longer drives? The easiest way to explain Angle of Attack is it is the club’s angle of approach into the ball relative to the ground.

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TaylorMade release new Spider putter

A few months ago Aussie Golfer was checking out new putters and came across this one which has generated a huge amount of interest since its release earlier in the year. The TaylorMade Rossa Spider is a bizarre looking thing. I never thought I’d be the least bit interested in something that looks this weird but professionals and golf store owners I’ve spoken to have all said it is the best putter on the market.

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