WATCH Weird swing pro golfer has just won a big golf tournament

We may soon be seeing a lot more of the strangest swing in professional golf after Hosung Choi won the Casio World Open.

Up until now, China’s Hosung Choi has been more known for his crazy golf swing than his results on the golf course. But on Sunday he claimed the biggest win of his career that means we may be seeing a lot more of this wild golf swing.

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VIDEO / Shot tracer captures this golfer’s ball AND club flight

Shot tracer apps are fantastic for tracking your ball flight – and in this case, club flight.

Funny stuff here as this bloke’s playing partner captures both his golf ball AND golf club flight on shot tracer.

Looks like Riverside Oaks?


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Wrong one went straight #shottracer #protracer #houseofhighlights #espn #fried_egg_golf #nolayingup

A post shared by Chris Bittar (@cjbittar) on Oct 24, 2018 at 12:50am PDT

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