Australian Golf Digest rank Australia’s top 100 golf courses – state by state rankings

Australia’s top-100 golf courses for 2020 have been revealed in the latest issue of Australian Golf Digest and they’ve broken them down state by state.

Media release via Australian Golf Digest Images Courtesy: Gary Lisbon Golf Photography

The industry-standard biennial rankings of Australia’s golf courses have just been released and, as always, provide plenty to talk about.

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Watch the madness as the gates are opened at the Waste Management Phoenix Open

Around 700,000 people usually attend the Waste Management Phoenix Open with close to 200,000 flocking through the gates on Saturday alone.

In short, it’s nuts and you probably won’t be surprised to know the Wasted Management Phoenix Open can be a tricky golf tournament to keep under control with huge volumes of alcohol being consumed and many people attending just to be seen.

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GOLF SHOT FAIL Reminding you that golf is hard

When you want to hit the golf ball somewhere else, sometimes it comes right back to where it began.

Just a reminder if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to play more golf, this is where the game can take you.


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Well that didn’t go as planned 😂😂😂😂 Via: @team79watch • #golffunny #funnygolf #haha #golfisfun #golflife #notlucky

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Top-10 most read posts on Aussie Golfer in 2019

Let’s start the year slowly with a short 10-hole recap of last year and the top-10 most popular posts on the site in 2019.

Happy New Year everyone!


WHAT’S THE RULING? / A twig stops golf ball from falling into the hole


Watch Nick O’Hern’s new ‘pop and roll’ golf shot


Lucky bounce off volcanic rock, cart path and spectator leads to incredible eagle


This golfer shows you how not to play the 17th Road Hole at St Andrews


RULES OF GOLF You can re-tee your ball if it lands back in the teeing ground


What will the new World Handicap System mean for Australian golfers?

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‘Twas the day before Christmas on the golf course…

I’ve written a couple of Christmas themed golf articles for Inside Golf over the years. This one appeared in the 2014 December issue of Inside Golf.

‘Twas the day before Christmas, when out on the greens A golfer was playing, in t-shirt and jeans;

The sign made it clear by the daily timesheet, You should be dressed like a golfer, not someone from the street;

The members now choking on ham and mince pies, Were now prop’ly flustered, barely believing their own eyes;

The club captain roared “Now this is abhorrent!”,

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