Whale captured breaching off the coast of New South Wales Golf Club

This is so cool that just had to share it here – despite its threadbare link to golf.

With hundreds of whales making their way up the eastern coast of Australia at the moment one of Australia’s best golf courses has a great vantage point.

This video was taken by our friend and former colleague Robbie Byrne yesterday where he was playing his bucket-listed New South Wales Golf Club for the first time.

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Aussie bloke builds a replica of TPC Sawgrass island green in his backyard dam

Ever thought about building your own golf hole in your backyard? This guy took it to the next level.

Warren Smith introduces this fun segement from a recent episode of The Golf Show that features a sweet little home-made golf hole.

A golf loving bloke with a property in the Southern Highlands (about an hour out of Sydney) has built a complete replica of the par-3 island green from Sawgrass – in his backyard!

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Crazy science experiment shows how hard can you hit a golf ball: video

Ever wondered how a hard¬† golf ball can be hit before it’s not a golf ball any more?

Destin Sandlin at the always awesome Smarter Every Day YouTube channel has put together a piece of science craziness that is loosely related to golf.

Using a pressurized vacuum air cannon and some incredibly high frame rate cameras they work out how hard you can hit a golf ball before it permanently deforms out of shape. 

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