Victoria Golf Club: course review

Is it possible that for a golf course ranked in Australia’s Top-10 and still be underrated? Victoria Golf Course may have been, but after praise from the world’s number one golfer, it won’t be any more.

The 10th hole at Victoria Golf Club

Very few courses in the Melbourne sandbelt region could be deemed underrated, but I can’t help but feel that in the wider golfing community, Victoria Golf Club has been so. 

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Course Review: Wentworth Falls Country Club

Always be cautious playing the back nine first. Despite the club pro suggesting it was a good idea, I still felt strangely awkward about it. Especially not knowing the location of the 9th green.

The back nine is actually a back eight at Wentworth Falls Country Club and as my golf senses told me, there was a foursome coming through and we were told by members to shift out of the way in a fairly unfriendly manner.

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Southern Golf Club: course review

Lesser known than some of the other sandbelt golf courses, Melbourne’s Southern Golf Club is worth a visit.

It feels ridiculous now but as I wandered towards the first tee of Southern Golf Club last November I fantasised about stumbling into Tiger Woods.

You see Tiger had just played his first round at the Australian Masters that morning and maybe, just maybe he was looking for some quieter surroundings in the sandbelt region of Melbourne to fine tune his game.

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