EXPERIMENT / How alcohol can affect your golf game

Drinking alcohol on the golf course can lead to better performance for some golfer, for a short time.

Golf Digest posted this interesting video that saw three golfers slowly get drunk while hitting golf balls and making (or at least attempting to make) putts. It’s perhaps too small a sample size, and too small an experiment in general to glean much from but it is an interesting watch nonetheless.

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Bridgestone release a Tiger Woods edition golf ball

Timed perfectly ahead of the next week’s Masters Tournament, Bridgestone have launched a Tiger Woods edition golf ball.

Woods currently uses the Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball and a new edition have been released in a box with Tiger Woods on the front. Each ball has ‘TIGER’ stamped on to the side of the ball in the way Woods has marked his ball to identify it over his career.

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Ray Martin discovers Cape Wickham Links on King Island: video

I did a double-take when I saw this cross the Aussie Golfer Twitter feed last night; it’s a video of Ray Martin ‘discovering’ Cape Wickham Golf Links on King Island in Tasmania.

Brand Tasmania have released this great video of Ray Martin ‘discovering’ Cape Wickham. Martin chats to an American visitor and also General Manager Michael Brasier about the spectacular site and it’s place in the world’s best golf courses.

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World golf handicap system given the green light for 2020

Golf’s governing bodies have put the wheels in motion for 2020 launch of a worldwide golf handicapping system.

The R&A and the USGA have agreed to roll out a new, standardized world handicapping system that will be launched in 2020.

The new system will align each of the six world golf organisations under one handicapping umbrella ensuring all handicaps are not just comparable but portable across continents and countries.

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