Albert Park golf course will stay at 18-holes after plans to shrink it are thrown out

The 18-hole golf course at Albert Park in Melbourne looks safe after a backflip by Parks Victoria and the Victorian Government.

Albert Park Golf Course lies just outside the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. (Source Albert Park Facebook Page)

The Age’s Benjamin Preiss is reporting that a proposal to reduce Albert Park golf course in Melbourne to just 9-holes has been thrown out after plenty of opposition had it in danger of becoming an election issue.

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Golf Australia launch new vision to attract more women to golf

Golf Australia will focus on changing golf culture in a big to attract more women to the game of golf.

Hannah Green and fellow young pro Karis Davidson signing autographs for young fans at the Victorian Open last week. (Photo credit: Golf Victoria)

Ahead of this week’s Women’s Australian Open at Kooyonga Golf Club in Adelaide, Golf Australia have launched a new vision outlining the future of women and girls in golf in Australia.

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HELP: Albert Park golf course in danger of being reduced to 9 holes

Public golf courses across Australia are under threat; the latest being Melbourne’s public Albert Park golf course.

Albert Park Golf Course lies just outside the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. (Source: Albert Park Golf Course Facebook Page)

One of Melbourne’s most loved golf courses is under threat with a proposal by Parks Victoria to reduce the Albert Park golf course by 75%, constraining it to a short 9-hole course in the process.

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Adam Scott launches new ‘Pin’ golf app

World Champion Golfer Adam Scott launches Pin, a golf app designed to make the game more accessible.

Adam Scott and the team at Upswing Labs have launched a new golf app, Pin which has been in the works for a few years.

The app is multi-faceted providing golfers with a way to access golf courses, keep scorecards and track performance with statistics, and keep up-to-date with golf news lifestyle articles, coaching and fitness tips, and view up-to-date leader boards from around the globe.

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GOLF TRAVEL / You can now hire golf clubs for your golf holiday in Australia

The Sweet Spot Club Hire have launched in Australia to make golf travel much simpler.

Golfers in Australia now have a sweet new service available to them when travelling about the country to play golf.

Rather than lugging your golf clubs with you on your travels, you can now have a set of golf clubs delivered to your door, hotel or golf course thanks to the newly launched The Sweet Spot Club Hire.

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